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Randy in the Burgh
On 04 Aug 2004 at 05:03
Hello there an official moderator.

I suggest you go and delete that last "what would Jesus do" by Pat Robertson as it is pretty offensive to decent minded folk. Enough is enough.

Randy in the Burgh.

On 04 Aug 2004 at 07:32
Agree w/Randy...

A moderator on the forums is VERY important since it is the immediate face most will see, regarding this organisation.

If it seems like no one's manning the helm, people may feel the ship's headed for the rocks, and not join in or contribute goods. Some will send things anyway but others will be afraid to, in case the organisation's, well, organisational abilities are reflected by the forums - where people's questions go without answers, and where spam is allowed to stay up for a while...

Please, hire a moderator to look in at least daily.

Thanks for listening !.


OIC Director
On 04 Aug 2004 at 17:17
Thank you both for letting me know that the forum is needing to be moderated daily. I agree and will do my best to keep on top of this.

We are focusing on the donors and volunteers that are steadfastly supporting the OIC project and making sure our shipments are heading to Iraq each week. If you see anything that needs immediate attention, please contact me directly at and I will take care of it immediately.

All my best to you.


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