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Ian Goodman
On 31 Jul 2004 at 19:27
I wrote a short story recently from the perspective of a 13 year old boy. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



PLEASE NOTE: I am not good at writing short stories and wish you would let me draw you a comic instead, Mrs. But I did some studying on the internet so it's not bad.

THE SHORT STORY: So there is a team of American pilots who fly B-2A planes and bomb targets in Iraq. The girls in the airforce like him so much that they even give him cookies from their lunch.

Captain O'Reilly does bombing raids on targets in Iraq and follows order and is a good pilot. All of this can be found at the US military's official website: "".

So this one time a bomb hits its target properly and sets an ammunition factory on fire. Her back lights on fire and she dies tragically.

And actually, I only half made that up. You would be amazed at the how similar WW II is to the stuff you see on the news today.

PART 2: THE DRAMATIC DENOUEMENTMy mom asked me why I wrote this story and wondered if I was unhappy about something. But maybe a story isn't worthwhile unless it makes people do something afterwards.

So I decided that my friend and I would do something about the war. .

After making sure we had the proper gear, we began to throw eggs at parked cars. I stuck the notes on the egg goo and they said "Use oil to cook eggs, not people." .

When I got home, my Dad was awake and waiting for me. .

So I did and I found a website called "" . Smoginsky.

OIC Director
On 10 Aug 2004 at 18:58
I actually read this story. .

Thank you for channeling your energy in a positive direction whether it is for Operation Iraqi Children or for another need based program. We are very happy to have your involvement in this program and we are looking forward to hearing about the success of your school supply collection effort.

All our best to you in your educational endeavors. .

Mary Beth EastwoodOIC Director.


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