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Terry Murakami
On 19 Jun 2004 at 07:05
I would like to thank Gary and Laura for taking their time to provide Americans a grand opportunity to support their troops and the Iraqi people. If we want to bring good things to Iraq, it's going to be their children.

Gary W.
On 24 Jun 2004 at 08:53
Good post Terry. And my son, who was serving in Iraq at the time of your visit was glad to see you and glad to know that people back home care about them and their hard work.

On 25 Jun 2004 at 18:00
I'd like to add my thanks to Gary and Linda. I recently started working for American Forces Television and Radio and find it very gratifying to work in an entertainment field that helps our soldiers.

Just today an article about Gary's involvement in Operation Iraqi Children was circulated around work. And even more refreshing to hear about some positive actions instead of complaints with no sollutions.

Thanks Gary and Linda for putting such a great program together.


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