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On 04 Jul 2004 at 04:14
I attended an event at Doyle Hufstedler III's church, Saint Paul United Methodist in Abilene this evening, July 3. This was a patriotic event entitled "Honoring God and Remembering Our Heroes" with fellowship and music supplied by the Abilene Community Band and topped off with a traditional American meal of hot dogs and home-made ice cream.

All of the school supplies that have been donated in Doyle's name for Iraqi school children were present in an adjoining room in the church activity building. As I inspected the donations, I was very impressed with the amount of materials. I couldn't even begin to count the amount of supplies I saw, but I really believe that as Doyle is looking down on this, he is proud of the generosity and will be pleased when the school children receive their much-need supplies.

Although not on the list, there were a number of very small chairs, much as I remember the one I used many years ago in first grade. All of the items (I was told) will be picked up with the help of Airmen who are stationed at nearby Dyess Air Force Base. It is my understanding the supplies would be delivered to Kansas (People to People)by a Dyess C-130 cargo airplane.

I wish I had a camera tonight so I could share with you a picture of the school supplies I saw at Saint Paul Methodist Church, and I really wish I could share a video of the Dyess folks who will be going the extra mile in making Doyle's wish become a reality. But what I really wish I could do is to let the soldiers Doyle served with see all the effort that was put into this because Doyle made a simple phone call home from Iraq, asking for his friends, family and church members to help school kids in Iraq. This is a great success story and really wonderful news about how this is all coming together.


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