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Ruth Atnip
On 14 Jun 2004 at 19:36
Just listened to Fox news! I had no idea this type site was on the Internet! What a joy to know that something is being done for the 'youth' of Iraq, besides teaching them to 'hate' and to 'commit suicide' and to 'kill' those who disagree with them! These children are precious souls who can make a difference in the world of tomorrow and it thrills me to see the interaction between ALL those precious people and those whom they have been told (by those who want to 'control' them by fear and threats) are the 'enemies' who want to kill them! This is the difference in the 'few' who were abusers at that prison and the majority of our military in Iraq! I pray that somehow this truth will find its way into the hearts of those would-be terrorists, and change them from 'enemy' to 'friend' - so that Iraq can be a place, safe for 'freedom of speech and religion!' Souls are definitely at stake! May God and the good that these soldiers are doing help to change the 'minds' and 'hearts' toward respect for ALL people and all human life, and tolerance even in the face of disagreement, toward religion, so that that part of the world will be able to make choices on their own, without 'force' - such as the terrorists are trying to use all over the world. God knows them, and He is watching! I pray they will either change or be brought to justice, so these children will have hope for a free society in which to make their own 'educated' decisions! God bless Iraq!

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