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On 27 Jun 2004 at 16:29
There are several organizations that do work to get school supplies, among other needed items, to American schoolchildren in need. I can put you in contact with the right people if you feel that's where you'd like to try to make a difference.

I think it's great that we all have different perspectives and passions to help different groups of people. There is need anywhere you look to find it.

At Heart to Heart, we were already doing a school kit prior to our affiliation with OIC. We still accept school kits not linked with OIC & will distribute them to people in need, whether that be here in the United States or worldwide. We also have a domestic program that serves people right here in the U.S. that I'd be glad to tell you more about. That's just another option.

E-mail me if you'd like any info and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

J Moore
Logistics Coordinator, Heart to Heart International

Randy in the Burgh
On 27 Jun 2004 at 05:03
Damon and Bruce,

I as well posted on the other thread and I for one did not call anyone any names. There are plenty of other internet venues for name calling. What I did say and what I will repeat here is that both concepts have merit and both can be supported. There is no need for an "either-or" mentality here. However, this web site is set up for helping out the Iraqi children and there are plenty of good organizations in the US that are helping out with US children. Charity can start at home but that doesn't mean that it ends there.

I have another idea that I want to share. And that is that we experienced 9/11 because of the hate of a few in some Arab countries and that hatred has been fomented over the years in many schools in many Arab nations (producing more young fodder for the terrorist mill). This is one of the first steps to try and reverse that trend and that as well has HUGE implications for our own children's futures and safety. If we can convince others in areas where there was hatred for us that we are actually brothers and sisters of a similar nature and that freedom of religion and democracy are real concepts, then there is hope. But to say "Hey, we tried but some of our soldiers messed up so we should give up" or "they will never change so why bother" or "lets just worry about our kids" negates any chance for peace in the future for us as a nation. For like our President said...we are no longer invincible and we now know the terrorists can get to us. So we can give up on this and act like it will all go away and then they will want to bring the fight back over here. Or we can try and win their hearts and thus help push the terrorists out of Iraq and prove to other Arab nations that our intentions were peaceful all along.

It's a critical crossroad we are at right now, for the terrorists sense they have much of our media in their pocket and they really do want to push us out and then the real civil war will start (and then we can add countless thousands of victims to the guilt list some media writers hype). Or we can see the mission through and make sure our young men and women didn't die in vain and that the tide will turn. This program is important of this reason and so many more. I know what God wants us to do and I believe Bush (our current commander in chief) also sees the light at the end of the tunnel. So I will keep pulling for this program, for it is inexplicably tied into the future of both Iraq and our own great nation. No matter how many mistakes we have made over there, the plusses do outweigh the minuses (no matter what the media wants to say in their effort to get at Bush). God bless this program, the people who work on it, our troops and those of other allies and the innocent Iraqi people (80% of whom really want the freedom we offer but many are also pulled into supporting the oposite view as well in order to cover all bets).


Damon Borrelli
On 26 Jun 2004 at 22:36
If you check out my post "Troubled By This Site", you'll see that I suggested this as well and was called everything from a hate monger to a communist. Apparantly, many people here have a hard time thinking critically for themselves. I, like you, agree that most peoples intentions here are noble in trying to help the children of Iraq, but I also believe charity starts at home.

The Truth
On 11 May 2004 at 18:17
What nonsense. This is a propaganda campaign pure and simple, to believe otherwise is foolish. The hearts and minds campaign went out the window when some of those ignorant troops tortured those Iraqi's. Wait until the new pictures and videos are released by the Congress..

On 11 May 2004 at 18:04
In our community, we have our own school supply drive every year. At the beginning of the school year, you buy extra school supplies when you shop for your own. There are boxes in the school where you drop them off. They are organized and distributed to needy children in the school. Usually, there are enough supplies to get them through most of the school year. Maybe you could start such an effort in your local school. It works really well and it is easy to do.

This is not a widespread solution, but if it started as a grassroots organization in our own communities, it could become one.

J. Lennon
On 06 May 2004 at 02:48
This topic has been discussed previously on this message board. Its a valid question and the answer is simple. The blame for some American schools not receiving sufficient funding lies with the politicians and the NEA.
The purpose of this project is to offer the Iraqi children an opportunity to see Americans not as the monsters that their government and their media has protrayed us as over the years, but as caring human beings. It's also a way for our children to give to those less fortunate and to learn more about a very different culture . If we can change attitudes of the Iraqi children and their parents, it will create a much safer world in the future.
The Middle East has always been a volatile part of the world and change starts with the children.

Janice Lennon

On 05 May 2004 at 21:49
I love this idea. I think it's an excellent - so much so I'd like to challenge you to consider something that may be an obvious extention of this. Operation American Children. We have such a huge need in our present day schools for the basic supplies that it's more than pandemic. Teachers buying supplies with paychecks that are already too low. Students not getting the full benefit of supplies as teachers can only afford so much. And, of course, state budgets that give less and less to school districts and are cutting the 'sacred cows' of our future - education - so much it's beyond belief.
So my question is; Can we do this here in America?

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