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On 07 Jul 2004 at 17:07
I found that from GA is was $8.11 to ship using FedEx Ground for a 20lb box. This is cheaper than USPS.

On 16 Jun 2004 at 02:46
The US Mail is the best and cheapest way to send supplies. It costs approximately $ 7 to send a 25 pound box by regular mail.

I have sent hundreds and hundreds of pounds of school supplies to a group of soldiers I have been helping in Iraq since November. Believe me, the US mail is the cheapest and quickest method, especially here in the USA. The money you save can be used to buy more supplies. Most boxes will get to an American destination in a few days, if not sooner.

I went to community groups for ask for help covering the mailing costs and got a fabulous response. People really want to help. Just be prepared to answer questions about what you are intending to do and it helps to bring information they can read and keep. Perhaps a print out of this website would do.

On 10 Jun 2004 at 13:39

Use Fedex if they are available in your area. I shipped two boxes (18lb, 6 oz each) 6/7 using FEDEX GROUND method. Total shipping cost for both $19.58 (Virginia Beach VA to KS).

On 08 Jun 2004 at 18:07
Dear Bill: I am starting up a OIC program in Grants Pass, Oregon. I too, have a dilemma over the shipping cost. From GP to KS, UPS charges $19.10 for a 20 lb. box of 6 kits. I am trying to get inkind donation of supplies from stores and don't want to get monetary donations because of the preception that can cause. But then how do I pay for shipping? I am planning to approach civic groups such as Jaycees, Kwanis,etc. to ask for shipping vouchers after I have the boxes made up and ready to go. Fortunately I live in a small community with a big heart. Please stay in touch.

On 08 Jun 2004 at 17:29

Bill Homan
On 13 Apr 2004 at 21:51
A lot of folks are trying to set up a cash donation system. That's fine for those who want an alternative to assembling school kits.

I'm having great success getting friends and family to buy & send kits. They like the direct aid aspect of "what you send is what the kids get." Many would not send cash to foundations over suspicions of funds being mishandled. They also like sending letters and pictures, especially from their kids, with the kits.

Could part of any cash fund go towards a UPS or FedEx program so we could ship free(or discounted) to Heart to Heart in KC? Anyone got ideas how to reduce shipping costs to KC?

Many thanks to Gary & Laura!


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