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Gary Elliot
On 18 Jun 2004 at 13:15
OIC is doing a great work. The children in Iraq did cause the trouble. Give them a chance to make a difference. Educating them can help stop the madness in the future.

Coming soon! You will be able to go to
And 100% of you donation will go to OIC

Gary Elliot
On 18 Jun 2004 at 13:14
OIC is doing a great work. The children in Iraq did cause the trouble. Give them a chance to make a difference. Educating them can help stop the madness in the future.

Coming soon! You will be able to go to
And 100% of you donation will go to OIC

Shawn Barrett
On 12 Apr 2004 at 18:00
Maybe this has been raised already, but PayPal is a great way to take donations of any size, online. They might be willing to partner. They are now an EBay company.

from Gary Sinise
On 10 Apr 2004 at 21:26
Hello to all of you and thank you for these suggestions.

Laura and I have taken it to heart and are getting to work on it. We will have a more clearly marked place where you can click and go right to a donation page very soon.
Thanks to everyone for you concern and care.
Together we can really help our troops help these kids.
They all need our support and for the troops just knowing that we are working on their behalf will mean so much to them. Thank you,
Gary Sinise

Teri Kirkendoll
On 05 Apr 2004 at 21:47
I would love to make an online donation! Will you contact me when a link is available??

John Moore
On 04 Apr 2004 at 03:06
As others have suggested, please put a donations link on your home page. Alot of people would prefer to give a cash donation, as opposed to organizing a fund rasier.

Who is contacting Staples, Home Depot, Lowes, Office Max etc., for hard donations?? I can assist with that if someone contacts me.

Please email me at

Great program.

John Moore

Carmen Steele
On 04 Apr 2004 at 01:51
Gary, you're doing a wonderful thing. I saw you on Hannity & Colmes last night. Please let us know how we can donate on-line. I will spread the word around my family and friends. Thanks to Sean Hannity too, for bringing your good work to our attention. Gary, continued success in this and all your endeavors!

Diane C. Bonacci
On 03 Apr 2004 at 19:25
This is wonderful. It's about time we do something for the innocent Iraqi children. Where do I donate? Please set up a link or something - or an address where I can send my check.

On 03 Apr 2004 at 19:13
Just entered site but can't find on-line donation link. Is this because you want school supplies only? It's hard with my busy schedule to buy something and then take it to the UPS hub.
Add on-line donation link with assurance that at least 95% of money goes to the children.

On 03 Apr 2004 at 18:41
Agree. I came here to donate via credit card and I can't find instructions. Please let me know how I can send money to your organization.

Roger Wasson
On 03 Apr 2004 at 17:45
My name is Roger Wasson. I own one of the largest commercial websites on the internet. We will donate 50cents per item for anyone who mentions Operation Iraqi Children when ordering any of our sunglasses. We just need information concerning where to send the funds and exactly how to make the checks out. Most of our products are only $6 each shipping included, so we should be able to generate a substantial amount from this by people who do not have much to spend but would like to help in some small way.

It would be nice if OAC would immediately get a PayPal account, because people could donate instantly from the main page of this site, or any other sites that might choose to put a donate link on theirs.

Saw the Fox interview this morning. Gary and others: Really appreciate what you are doing. I've been to eastern Europe and support familes there, so I understand well just how absolutely heart-breaking such situations are, the people are so incredibly poor and seemingly helpless. God bless anyone who has compassion for such people and takes action.

A program for "adopting" individual families over there would be a great way to provide continuing followup, so if you want to make a real different, please consider taking an interest in an actual individual child and their family long-term. The people in Poland and Bulgaria I've helped are now like my permanent family, and this has been a priceless enhancement of my life.

Roger Wasson
South Padre Island, Texas USA

On 03 Apr 2004 at 17:41
i agree about an online capability of making a donation--i'm a retired school teacher (who has notified his ex-principal of this program) and would like to make a financial donation via credit card or check to a posted address

D. Thomas
On 03 Apr 2004 at 17:37
What a great idea. It's so nice to see an actor that's using his celebrity to actually do some good instead of push a political agenda. If more Americans chipped in to support programs like this what a powerful message it would send to the world.

On 03 Apr 2004 at 16:31
I agree---I saw you (Gary) on Hannity and Combs (sp?) last night, and came here to donate money to the school supplies program-----no link to donate???? Put one up, and stand back!!!!!!!!! I think you'll have a flood a money come your way!!

By the way, your interview--it was so refreshing to hear news from Iraq that was not the 100% one-sided biased version we are lambasted with from the networks and news organizations!!!!!!

Jack Brodbeck
On 03 Apr 2004 at 15:45
Get this together ASAP - you will need to encourage donations online.

Contact Verisign - they will help.

All the Best,
Jack & Evie Brodbeck

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