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User Helping Iraqi Kids
Located in Sterling, Virginia

User since 13 Nov 2004 - 1 posts
Posted on 13 Nov 2004 at 05:44.25 AM

Hello everyone,

Here is the bottom line:

My name is James Barnett. My e-mail address is: befsx41@verizon.net. and james.e.barnett@nga.mil. I am a retired USAR Officer. I served in the 91 Gulf War with the 1st. Inf Div. as a PSYOP Officer. I also served in Iraq, Jan. - Feb. working as a contractor (OGA). Although I do not agree with the war in Iraq and we the U.S. will be there for a long time. I think we should do our best, to help the Iraqi kids. I have read posts from people complaining that we should help American Kids etc. In my opinion, American kids have more opportunities, from the U.S. Govt for help, than Iraqi kids. The kids in America, specifically inner city do not know how good they have it. I have lived and worked in, East St. Louis, South Chicago, SE Washington D.C. You know, the inner city. Anyway, how about helping Iraqi kids. It is not asking too much to help the kids. The reason why, I believe in helping Iraqi kids, is because I have been to Iraq and other Middle Eastern Countries and they need help. Anyway, if possible please visit the following website:

Thank you for reading my semi articulate, short, emotional outburst.



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