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How about NOT a Ziploc bag?
Joel Johannesen
Posted on 28 Jun 2004 at 20:29

Through my web site, I have been contacted by a lady from Illinois who says she has a youth group who has decided to take on this project but (here's the catch) wants to make draw-string school bags out of fabric rather than Ziploc bags.

Is that OK? I've re-read the FAQ to try to find the answer but it indicates either a backpack or a Ziploc bag. This is sort of in between!

Also I should note that at least around here, those three-gallon Ziplocs are really hard to find.

Would appreciate some guidence on the draw-string bags.


Joel Johannesen

How about NOT a Ziploc bag?
Posted on 29 Jun 2004 at 18:08


That should be fine. We'll just inventory them the same as we would the ones in Ziploc bags. What we're trying to avoid is kits in plastic garbage sacks or other like bags that are more likely to tear & generally not hold up very well. I think fabric school bags will be be good in this instance.

Thanks for your efforts.

J Moore
Logistics Coordinator, Heart to Heart International

How about NOT a Ziploc bag?
Joel Johannesen
Posted on 29 Jun 2004 at 21:09

Great, thanks.

We were just concerned about the customs inspectors (etc) but glad to hear it won't pose a biggy.

Thanks for the reply.

-- Joel

How about NOT a Ziploc bag?
Posted on 26 Jul 2004 at 08:49

This brings yet another question:

What exactly are the 2 gallon zip bags ?

Ziploc, like you might put leftover food in, or, large zippered plastic bags (heavier plastic) sort of like an oversized zippered pencil case ? (If the latter - with literally a zipper - where does a person buy those things ? Any help on 'where to find' would be great....).

I am unsure what you mean by 2 gallon zip bags... Ziploc as in, well, Ziploc in the grocery aisle - or do you mean it as a sort of catchall term.

In short - it would SURE be helpful for us all out here, I think, if somewhere on this website were some PHOTOS of SAMPLE KITS.

That would sure help out as a guide...

You can post different photos of what is OK... Sound good ?? Hope so =)

Thanks in advance !!

(I do know the grocery Ziploc baggies tend to break over time - that zipper thingy pulls apart).


How about NOT a Ziploc bag?
OIC Director
Posted on 04 Aug 2004 at 19:39

In regards to the 2 gallon ziplock bags, they should be found where other sealable bags are sold. However, if they are not available, please contact the number on the side of the box and they should be able to tell you where they are distributed in your community.

Also, for anyone interested in doing a massive collection, such as a corporation or just a very large group of supporters, I would like to direct you to this website where you can buy these sealable bags in bulk at a very reduced rate.

They are close to $3.00 for 10 at most stores which is 30 cents per bag.

This website offers 1,000 for $88.00 which is roughly 9 cents per bag.

As you can see, it is quite a savings especially for a massive corporate drive.
Please be sure to order 13X15 #PB3675.

How about NOT a Ziploc bag?
Posted on 05 Aug 2004 at 08:46

Thank you ! Most helpful =)

I am trying to get friends to organize collection drives at their places of work/hobby groups/etc.

Thanks again !


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