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Posted on 10 Jun 2004 at 17:58

A major network news broadcast is preparing to do a profile of Operation Iraqi Children, and they want to film regular people buying, assembling, and sending in school supply kits. The network will then follow the donated packages through our warehouse in Kansas City, then to Iraq, where they will film the Iraqi children opening the packages. They will be selecting several donors to follow.

If you are interested in being a subject of this story, please email your name, city, and a description of your donor group (are you an individual? a family? a school? a church group?) to If you are a family, please let us know the ages of your children. If you are a school, please let us know what grades will be participating. Please give us some way to contact you, whether by email or telephone.

Because of the volume of emails, we may not be able to reply to each message, but the network producers will carefully consider each donor, and will contact those they wish to film. Thank you so much for your participation! This will get the word out to a generation of new OIC donors.

Thank you!

Laura Hillenbrand,
co-founder, OIC


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