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To ensure the well-being of all forum members, including yourself, we ask that you abide by some simple rules while participating in forum discussions:

  1. Do not post defamatory, hateful, abusive or discriminatory material.
  2. Do not post the copyrighted material of others without their permission.
  3. Do not post chain letters, scams or pyramid schemes.
  4. Do not post advertisements or affiliate links outside the allocated areas.
  5. Do respect the rights and opinions of others, and expect them to respect your's


The opinions expressed in the forum are not necessarily the opinions of the forum owners. Considering the real-time nature of the forum, it is impossible for all messages to be reviewed before posting. As such, the validity, appropriateness and accuracy of messages cannot be guaranteed. The owners of the forum cannot accept responsibility for the actions of any participants in forum discussions.

The security of any information posted to the forum, including your user details, cannot be guaranteed. As such, any and all information that you enter is done so at your own risk.

The use of this forum is entirely at your own risk, and you are expected to take full responsibility for the content of any messages that you post.

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