OIC In Action

Spring/Summer 2003 / Operation Iraqi Freedom I

Same group of children near Ad Diwaniyah university. While most of these children still do not own shoes, they do live in dwellings less humble than many seen in the desert or more remote parts of Iraq. The little girls have brightly colored dresses to go with even brighter smiles. I gave up my camera for a moment to be in the back of one of the pictures behind the children.

The boys are much less shy and are quick to make friends. Once they see the camera images, they will shove their little friends out of the way to ensure a prominent position in the next photo. It took several attempts to capture the small face of this little girl with the oversized eyes in the first photo. You can see in the second photo the crowd of faces she is competing with.

LtCol Lon VomBaur
I MEF, G4, Supply Officer